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An Eye for an Eye and Other Laws by Hammurabi

An Eye for an Eye and Other Laws by Hammurabi: A view of part of the code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest systems of law. It was named after the ruler of Babylon who reigned from 1795 - 1750 BCE.

The Code of Hammurabi by L. W. King, "Hammurabi was the ruler who chiefly established the greatness of Babylon, the world's first metropolis. Many relics of Hammurabi's reign (1795-1750 BC) have been preserved, and today we can study this remarkable King as a wise law-giver in his celebrated code."

Waldorf ~ 5th grade ~ Ancient Mesopotamia ~ The Code of Hammurabi ~ Fair or Cruel ~ We have discussed Hammurabi's Code in class. We talked about the need for laws, what it would be like in our world without laws and the type of laws Hammurabi came up with. While listening to some of the laws, you probably thought one of two things: 1. it's fair or 2. its cruel. Sharing your thoughts and opinions on whether you think Hammurabi's Code was fair or too cruel.

Hammurabi's Code Analysis PowerPoint & Chart

PowerPoint and student note sheet to review some of the key laws in Hammurabi's Code and then analyze their significance and what it says about Babylonian society.