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Amphipolis, Macedonia Greece: The head of the Sphinx inside the threshold - The head was found 15cm inside the marble threshold.

Amphipolis Greek Tomb Discovery: Missing Sphinx Head Discovered in Third Chamber [Photos]

Δημιουργία - Επικοινωνία: ΔΕΟΣ: Βρέθηκαν δύο Καρυάτιδες στον Τύμβο Καστά!

One of the two Caryatides found in the Macedonia Tomb in Amphipolis, Greece.

Amphipolis, Macedonia Greece - chmaber 2 - The Charioteer

Amphipolis, Macedonia Greece - chamber 2 - The Charioteer

Amphipolis, Macedonia Greece: The back of East Sphinx head - From behind we can see the wavy curls with traces of red color, held by a ribbon.

Head of sphinx discovered at mysterious Greek tomb - Yahoo News

Greek mosaic

Mosaic uncovered in northern Greece could mark royal Macedonian tomb

This is probably Philip and his horses, adding to the conjecture that it memorial to Alexander. Stunning Mosaic Floor Uncovered in Greece's Mystery Tomb : Discovery News

Macedonian Tombs - Vergina, Historical Macedonia, Greece

Macedonian Tombs - Vergina, Historical Macedonia, Greece

#Amphipolis Tomb - This is how the east Sphinx could look like, before the removal of its head. Photomontage: Dimitris Gotsis.

The head belonged to the eastern sphinx (at right) guarding the entrance to the Amphipolis tomb.

Amphipolis, Macedonia Greece: Close-up of the West Caryatid head - A wonderful view of the West Caryatid head, as it is uncovered.

The newly discovered caryatids at the Amphipolis tomb and the symbolism of a lion suits the case of Olympias being buried in this fascinating ancient Greek

Amphipolis Macedonia, Greece - The second leaf of the marble door - The excavations in the 3rd Chamber brought to light the second leaf of the marble door, in good condition

Amphipolis continues to shine. The remaining part of the broken marble door was discovered today in an artificial pit inside the chamber.

Amphipolis Tomb.

The Greek ministry of culture released today a set of pictures of the…

Efstratios Papanis - Google+

Workers remove stones from the sealing wall in front of the two sphinxes at the Kasta Tumulus tomb on Aug.

ΓΝΩΜΗ ΚΙΛΚΙΣ ΠΑΙΟΝΙΑΣ: Για τον Ηφαιστίωνα και με παραγγελία του Αλεξάνδρο...

Archaeologists Ready to Enter Tomb in Amphipolis – CretePost.

The marble threshold to the third chamber has now been uncovered

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Archaeologists digging through a vast ancient tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece have uncovered a floor mosaic that covers the whole area of a room seen as the antechamber to the main burial ground.