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Birthstones By Month Infographic

Birthstones By Month Infographic

♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

Learn about the history, facts,  February's Birthstone, Amethyst.

Do you know the history of amethyst gemstone? Do you know the healing properties of amethyst gemstone? Do you know the facts of wearing amethyst stone? Check out through this infographic

Happy Birthday May Babies! Learn more about your emerald birthstone in this infographic. #RossSimons

Emerald Gemstones Eugenia Loli Emerald Gemstone Crystals Garnet, The January BirthstoneEmerald crystal on matrix…Emerald, The


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Turquoise gemstone - Turquoise, The December Birthstone. Where did this Blue Zicon/Topaz idea ever come from?

Birthstones. There is only one month with two birthstones cause we are fab like that lo

Discover the traditional birthstones colors with this photographic chart of stones. Learn the history of the birthstone and the secret meaning behind gemstone colors.

The Beauty of Birthstone Jewelry Awesome birthstone chart showing the meaning, history and origin of your birthstone for your birthday month. Mine is August, the Peridot. :) << i have July, the Ruby

Certain colours are associated with different birthstones. #Zendipityjewellery

Confused about which color gemstone falls on which particular month? Let this new Brilliance infographic be your guide.