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Activities! Step brothers

Great answer for multiple kids in one room! Go on - Convert the Master BR. Make one mult sleep guest room for the kids/ grand kids.

My childhood mystery! It's time lord technology! Out of the box.

Unsolved mystery of my childhood…

Funny pictures about Unsolved mystery of my childhood. Oh, and cool pics about Unsolved mystery of my childhood. Also, Unsolved mystery of my childhood.

I love these tiny, perfect moments in time when you are honored & blessed to watch someone's world turn on a time into something spectacular.  It's like getting a glimpse of heaven .... and a happy moment we can all use right about now.  Michael Buble duets with 15 year old boy on 'This is Michael Buble' - HD

Michael Buble stopped during a concert by the mom of a 15 year old boy, who wants him to know that her son wants to be a singer. Michael invites the boy onstage to sing with him. Michael is taken by complete surprise when he hears this kid. So awesome

Just may be my favorite celebrity ever.

Zach Galifianakis and Jennifer Lawrence. Hilarious moment from "between Two Ferns" interview. Odd coincidences are fun.

hahahah:) i love spencer

Movie and TV tidbits (28 photos)

looks straight out a wes anderson movie. in love with it!

Built-in bunk beds is a great idea to preserve space. The built-in book shelves also help to create more storage for toys, books and etc. The first step of the ladder has been eliminated in order to add under bed storage/trundle.

It is the small things that make people, especially me, happy...

"One dollar, two bags of gummy bears! It's like, I don't even care what happens for the rest of the day." -Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 80 Pics

This IS pretty darn funny, but it makes a sad commentary on society and how we judge people on appearance. Some of my best guy friends have long hair and golden hearts!

Things to get once you get your luxury home

Things to get once you get your luxury home

That last girl gets me every time.  She has just been enlightened.

This Girl's Mind Was Blown

I love the little girl's face in the fourth square. She so gets the puppy brother. This is my favorite commercial!