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Misunderstood spider - Ah, look a really small spot on your bed is left. You don't mind if I'm going to sleep there, since you're not using that spot, do you? Why thank you! But really, I don't need ALL of the bed.

Funny pictures about Poor Misunderstood Spider. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Misunderstood Spider. Also, Poor Misunderstood Spider.


Helloo forget bout shooting elk iam a country girl who HATES spiders n il SHOOT SPIDERS nstead of yellin at my bro to cum kill it! Is ther such thing as a spider gun id wear it EVERYWERE? Hey Lee n Becca we all need spider killing pistols lol

haha ... spider dog

That's a terrific spiderdog costume, ps did his owner rent a Spider-Man ZOMBIE costume to take him out with a unified theme on that Halloween ? I bet he hired the costumes via THE world wide WEB ‼️🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸

@Chole Nissley ... Do you know anyone with a plane?  :-D

Spiders hate peppermint oil Okay, this just cracked me up! Had to pin it next to my "getting rid of spiders" pin ;

DIYLOL - hello i'm the misunderstood spider whats your name? nice ...

Funny pictures about Misunderstood Spider visits your home. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood Spider visits your home. Also, Misunderstood Spider visits your home.

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When you are sad, just remember: sometimes jumping spiders wear water droplets as hats.

Cannibalism it's what's for dinner


This isn't really irony. Why would you necessarily be surprised that a crocodile would chew on a Croc shoe? The similarity in name doesn't create irony. Also, this is an alligator.