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"How Long Will My Meat Keep?" A handy chart from University of Illinois Extension

Handy Chart: How long is meat good for in the fridge or freezer? We rarely keep meat at all, but, good to know.

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The saying "when in doubt, throw it out!" may not be the most accurate way to determine how long food lasts. This simple chart gives you a better idea of when you should keep or toss your food.

Know what to Refrigerate

Are You Using Your Fridge And Freezer Correctly? You Will Now With These 20 Tips

21 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Safe to Store in the Freezer - DIY & Crafts

Preserving Cilantro - nice!  I buy it and throw half away because it ruins.  So doing this.- sounds like a great marinade too!

a condiment Frozen in 1 tbsp portions Great when you have leftover cilantro. Thy Hand Hath Provided: Preserving Cilantro.In April?

Prevent brown sugar clumps by tossing a marshmallow or two in the container. | 23 Clever Food Storage Tips That Will Save You So Much Money

Prevent brown sugar clumps by tossing a marshmallow or two in the container.

You'll never have to toss a hardened rock of brown sugar again, and you won't have to spend money on a special brown-sugar-keeper disc. Read more about it here, and get more food storage tips here.

We've all been there. You buy fruits or veggies for a recipe, but when you finally go to use them, they're spoiled.

If after cooking you have way too many extra green onions, chop them up and freeze them in an empty (plastic OR glass) water bottle.

Baking Substitutions - Don't Get Caught With Your Measuring Cups Empty - PreparednessMama

Baking Substitutions – Don’t Get Caught With Your Measuring Cups Empty

Baking Substitutions ~~~ Don't get caught with your measuring cups down or empty! Very, very informative webpage on substitutions when that one(or more) ingredient is missing from your shelf.