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share your heart....~ ღ Skuwandi

This Short Comic clearly describes the difference between Good and Bad Relationships

Sweetie, I know there is chaos in your head. I recognize the whole you. Some simply see the image you portray, only to leave if you trust enough to show your darkness. I am not afraid of your brokenness. I see the light buried underneath, struggling to breath. Let me love your chaos until it has no choice but to surrender the light. We can do this together. I meant it when I said I love all of you. I love your heart. Every tattered piece of it. I love YOU. ~ KJ

I love you bc you have a great heart! I love you bc you mean the world to me! I love you bc no one has loved me like you do me!

Liebe sucht das Licht, sie will gesehen und gelebt werden. * Liebe berührt den Augenblick und lächelt mitten ins Gesicht.*Liebe fühlt die Sinne, mit jedem Atemzug streichelt sie Gefühle.*Liebe versteht Herzen in jeder Sprache und in jedem Land wird sie empfangen. - © Monika Heckh <3 - https://www.facebook.com/MonikaHeckh/ - Fotoquelle unbekannt

A Blue and White Heart Collage. Perfect depiction of my love for blue and white.

The Art of Love: Because Life is Nothing Without Connection.

Snow heart: This picture reminded me of the time it snowed in Charleston and we considered it a Valentines day gift. Need to remember that when I'm grumbling my way to class in the snow of KY!

Prothronotary Warbler in a heart shaped opening in a cypress "knee" at Audubon's Francis Beidler Forest

Prothonotary Warbler peeking out of a heart shaped tree hole! I saw my first Prothonotary warbler in Loon Bay/Tobacco Port/Dover, TN!