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Talk with people who make you see the world differently.

Curiosity, wonderment, intelligence in questions and doubts.

Bell Hooks: "Most children are amazing critical thinkers before we silence them".

what about the laws of physics? Is this not still a physical problem? Is there not still an equal and opposite reaction which follows each action?

"Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction" -Unknown

Don't expect immediate results if you want to be mentally strong.

Being Mentally Strong Is Not About Armoring Yourself, But Building Your Internal Strength

Don't expect immediate results if you want to be mentally strong.

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Sometimes when you think your zodiacs match but your personalities clash and hence problems arise. understanding differences in any relationship is key.

Stay away from narrow mindedness and people who overthink lol

Live Life Happy: Talking to someone with an open mind is seriously one of my favorite things because there's never an end to what you can talk about and learn. - Unknown Tagged with: Life , Love , Real Talk , Truth

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" Just remember that whatever you put up with, you end up with. Relationship quotes and inspirational quotes. These quotes can be helpful to support your relationship goals, advice, tips and ideas for happy friendships, and happy relationships.

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You're only as old as you let yourself feel!

Live Life Happy: Age is irrelevant. Ask me how many sunsets I’ve seen, hearts I’ve loved, trips I’ve taken, or concerts I’ve been too. – Joëlle The post Age Is Irrelevant. Ask Me

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I have no wise-ass comment. This statement happens to be beyond reproach. It also applies to the word Happiness. The operative word here is "SERIOUS.

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What you emit, you attract. Let your vibe be pleasant. And you shall attract similar vibes. -Prateeksha Malik // Law of Attraction // Positive Vibes // PCOSLiving

One of the nicest parts of starting a new year is the surge of motivation that comes with a fresh start. It’s a natural time to set goals and focus areas, and to start building a better version of you

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