Passion hard work & dedication is what I take away most from watching Kobe's career. That man left his bloodsweat and tears on the court for the game. Salute and respect to arguably the greatest to ever play the game and thanks for letting me witness history once more last night. What a way to ride off into the sunset #Kobe #TheBlackMamba #8 #24 #60Points #ThatManWasColdBlooded by triplepz

Kobe, Japan, has used strong interpersonal ties and creativity to restructure itself after the devastating Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. The Design and Creative Centre Kobe houses projects that communicate Kobe's belief that design yields both beauty and empathy for residents and visitors. Kobe Biennale, the city's art and culture festival, aims to redefine ideas in traditional art.

an organization called Lesson (the URL is correct; as of now it just doesn’t seem to be working). Based in Kobe, it’s a small bi-monthly lecture series on art and design. For a fee of 5000 yen you can participate in an intimate discussion on varying topics related to art and design. The last “lesson,” held back in December, was on modern typography. Before that, fashion: Paul Poiret vs Chanel.

Artisan is a consultancy that specialises in dynamic spatial design. The practice was established in 2012 by the founders of United Visual Artists to develop collaborative projects that require technical innovation and creative execution. Artisan is an ensemble of 21st century craftsmen and women.

Southern California dog groomer Catherine Opson walks her dogs Kobe (R) and Porsche at a park in Dana Point, California. Opson, a professional dog groomer, has won multiple awards for her creative approach to dog grooming. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

10 Years of Silence: How long it took Mozart, Picasso and Kobe Bryant to be Successful--True in the martial arts, too.

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Kobe X — The Art of Attack— Nike Global BasketballTypography and logo lockup design to mark the launch of Kobe X, Kobe Bryant's tenth signature shoe for Nike.

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