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On the Road With Motley Crue: All In the Name of Rock & Roll

On the Road With Motley Crue: All In the Name of Rock & Roll

Rolling Stone hits the road with Motley Crue.

Bishop Castle in Wetmore, Colorado. This was so fun to visit and such a stunning work built by one man.

[Image Source] Bishop Castle started as a family construction project situated in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado in the San Isabel National Forest located North West of Rye, Colorado.The castle is named after its constructor, Jim Bishop.

Footprints on the edging of the deck rails. Very cute idea for which I want to do. The only problem is I could not find the river stones in the right shapes and sizes ANYWHERE. I looked all over. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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DIY Rock Footprints… How cute are these? I'm going to add these around my gnome tree door on some stepping stones, and in my rock gardens on the ground cover.

"The Little Rock Nine" --These 9 teenagers integrated the white high school in Little Rock, AR.  They were kicked, ridiculed, threatened, called every name, spat on, ignored, and had acid thrown in their faces. Pres. Eisenhower ordered federal protection, and Melba Patillo Beals in her book "Warriors Don't Cry" credits their body guards of the 101st airborne as their saviors. All have lead highly successful lives. And all are heroes.

The Little Rock Nine was the first group of African American students to attend Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.

The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.

Riot Round-Up: The Best Books We Read In October

"You can’t talk about fantasy epics without mentioning Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles." Staff Picks Nita Basu recommends THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss

rock albums | ... always wanted to make an album cover!! :)Submitted by: Han Jovi

'The Wall' by Pink Floyd is one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Find out how I discovered it and what it means to me as a fan of the band. It's the first Pink Floyd album I listened to and has remained a favorite ever since.

70's - all of my toys were noisy! CLACK,CLACK, CLACK!!! LOL!  How did my parents survive??


First manufactured in by the Marx Toy Co. the names of the Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots were "Red Rocker" and "Blue Bomber". I used to have this game

My family are great fans of his so I have grown up with his music, he will always be a favourite of mine.

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Elvis Presley singing “Hound Dog” on Milton Berle Show in 1956 was Presley’s top rock ’n’ roll moment