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The Dorian™ Setting Sail for Orlando, Florida, USA! | From Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes | #TheDorian #tinyhomeHUGELIFE #LetsBuildSomethingTINYTogether

Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes' The Dorian™ Setting Sail For Orlando, Florida, USA

"The other tiny home that resides full time in the park is that of Dorian Acito’s. Dorian’s single story, bright purple Tiny Home was built by Maximus Extreme and is parked right next door to Emily’s. Dorian met Emily in the Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts group and moved in to College Park Village this July. She is enjoying her mortgage free life."

A Big “Tiny” Gathering in Orlando, Florida - Tiny House Listings

From our Client: "A tiny news story here in Orlando about tiny houses - and their financial impact - featuring my neighbor and I! Her house is shown above, and my house is shown in the news clip below."  http://www.clickorlando.com/news/tiny-houses-save-orlando-owners-space-money/29374240

Emily Lindahl's house has all the amenities she needs to live, despite the fact that it's only in size.

Maximus Extreme Living Solutions -need to e-mail with solar considerations ...

Maximus Extreme Living Solutions -need to e-mail with solar considerations .

Compact kitchen unit for kitchens with limited space.

Save on heating costs: De-draft your home now

Guess my kitchen isn't the smallest one in the world.Here's the all in one small space kitchen.Products to make a (very) small kitchen work harder: In photos - Yahoo! Homes

Tank-less Water Heaters If you're anything like us, lowering your utility bills while making your home more energy efficient seems like a great idea. During our research, we've been thinking about upgrading our home with energy efficient appliances. Currently, it seems that tankless water heaters are being talked about everywhere, but as I like to be an informed consumer, I've decided to do a little research first.

If you're thinking about getting a tankless water heater, read this first to help inform your decision.

A tiny house available for rent on Airbnb

A really cool looking tiny house, available on Airbnb in Invermere, BC!