The Best Makeup Effects from Six Seasons of Face Off Season five, Laura. Her triumphant return in season five included this Cenobite-inspired demon. Laura is my favorite Face Off contestant of all time.

Female predator

First project I did for Steve Wang: Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft (Blizzard). This was very simple, just pulsating eyes. I used an EFX-TEK Prop-SX controller (overkill for what we did), just in case Steve decided to add more features.

14 Disgusting Halloween Makeup Hacks That'll Scare the Crap Out of Your BFFs

Gross Halloween Makeup Tutorials, Scary Costume Hacks

halloween makeup diy -- tutorial on how to create fake wounds that could be used for claw marks, demon attacks, zombie makeup or anything else you can dream of. a bit skimpy on details but it's a great start