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Roman polanski rapes children, nobody bats an eye mel gibson states the obvious truth of jewish over-representation in Hollywood, everyone loses their minds - joker mind loss

The Truth In Plain Sight and Yet Pushed Aside! OMG What Has This World Become and What A Crying Shame!

The Truth In Plain Sight and Yet Pushed Aside! The profound bullshit is nauseating.

"Gender Equality"

Gender Equality

The double standards for men and women go both ways. Feminism is good for men too, because it strives to find a way for men and women to be treated equally and not be controlled by gender norms.

Ever feel like people treat you the way they wouldn't want to be treated? Here a chance to recognize that. Some of our cultural norms reveal that many people operate by some pretty messed up double standards. This comic puts those standards side-by-side so we can understand exactly what's wrong here and do something to make sure we all get the respect we deserve.

This comic explains the different views some societies have and what personal attitudes they live by from day to day interactions.

Double standards. #Feminism #Sexism

Queen Bees Are a Myth, Men Still the Ones Blocking Your Way to the Top

We still live in a society where girl have to act, look, and be a certain way. The double standard in our culture, is so messed up it affects both gender roles.

How you cannot win if you're a woman. Look like a woman, and you'll always be wrong.

How Society Polices Women’s Clothing (No Matter What We Wear) it's sad ;

The Pool | News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the…

News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face