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I think everyone does this

My little story When I have a new calendar, I flip to my birth month to see if I got a good picture. So true! I do this every time!

Test your Mario Cart skills on the Wii at Columbus Public Library's Tournament Tuesday, October 23rd from 5-6:30pm.

This has happened to me when the kids had me play Mario Cart with them. Needless to say, I'm not invited to play Mario Cart anymore.

Yes yes!

We played "the floor is lava" all the time when we were kids. It was SO fun jumping across the living room from couch to couch.

unLeSs they say SKADOOSH then nO pAnics

I need to talk to you life quotes quotes quote life life sayings

happens alot

That awkward moment when you say 'Goodbye!' to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.