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Why wish upon a star? When you can pray to the ONE who created it.

This reminds me of the song by Disney, "Wish upon a star". But when we really think about it, why wish upon a star? When we can pray to the creator of all the stars.

Overcoming Bitterness

8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness - When dealing with a difficult injustice - going through this list daily will help you overcome bitterness - Double click image for a 1 minute devotion that fills in the details on this list

Midnight spent with God....and I come across this!! I pray he will use me as this kind of light!!

How can we draw people to Christ? "By showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it." Be a light for Christ today!

Are you in tune with God's Spirit? Ask for the gift of hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord.

Famous Key Lime Bundt Cake – We Take The Cake Online Store obeying the voice of the Lord. Prayer to hear voice of God

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Let God have you and love you and don't be surprised if your heart begins to hear music ...

What an awesome quote: "Let God have you, and let God love you. Don't be surprised if your heart begins to hear music you've never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before.