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Age is no barrier! Learn Jiu Jitsu at any age to stay fit and healthy!

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Helio Gracie, father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Same with judo

Improve your Muay Thai workouts with better training routines and drills. List of Muay Thai exercises to take your fighting to the next level

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For a person who used drugs for so long, trust me when I say, jiu-jitsu saved my life.

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Not just BJJ students, but all martial arts students make these mistakes.


Nobody gives better hugs Bjj

The spider.

"What is normal 4 the spider is chaos 4 the fly .

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Rolling back from here will throw opponent directly into an armbar.

Brazilian jujitsu

Mixed Martial Arts is the Brand new Era in Boxing - All of MMA

Yep. Then you walk over and ask them about where they train, what belt they are...

Pope goes metal.

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Jiu-jitsu themed weddings are a popular choice among couples who share a love of the martial art, and want to incorporate the BJJ lifestyle into their big day.

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And you get thrown

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Attend the most prestigious BJJ tournaments as a Jiu Jitsu competitor.

One of the many reasons I go to Jiu Jitsu. Being able to protect yourself is priceless. Jiu jitsu is for all women.

When a man attempted to rape Lucio Rodriguez' sister, she used BJJ to break both his arms and choke him unconscious.

Individual Exercises for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Grappling

Individual exercises you can do on your own at home in your living room or at the gym. These exercises will help make you a better grappler as they will impr.