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"Lose Fat" Poster - pinpoints where you hurt . and motivates you to stick to your diet: losing fat *does* improve overall health. Consult poster for specific benefits.

50 Reasons to #Exercise #workout #fitness...a reminder for the days I don't want to

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Metabolism booster

The Best Metablism Boosters

You can add some FOOD to your diet which Speed up Metabolism, aiding in weight loss and preventing the fat storage. The Best Metabolism Boosters. Food that increase Metabolism Infographic

500 Calorie Method – Fastest Way To Reduce Your Body Weight


Calculate your BMR, and put yourself at a 500 calorie deficit every day of the week. Weight loss at one pound a week. This is the ONLY steady, healthy way to change habits and lose weight.

According to a study, a healthy high protein breakfast increases satiety and helps to reduce hunger cravings during the day, providing more evidence that breakfast is a useful strategy for managing appetite and regulating intake

What Foods Do You Crave Infographic?

Food cravings can undermine weight loss. How to eat health and beat diet blowouts.

Battle of the Bulge! Tips and Facts about weight loss. - Insanity Workout #insanityworkout #fitness #insanity

Slightly skeptical since this oversimplifies weight loss, but I'm open to these tips. Battle of the Bulge! Tips and Facts about weight loss.

What Does It Take to Burn Off That Milkshake

What does it take to burn off that milkshake? Here's an easy chart on what to do to burn off the calories of some foods, Healthy life, health, Joshua Perets

40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar #infographic #applecidervinegar #naturalremedies

40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar - Favorite Pins. I gargled with it 2 T vinegar and a glass of water. It really helped my cold go away fast.

The Colour Of Your Wee Could Be Saying A Lot About Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC)

What Your Wee Says About You

Drinking Water - can usually clear up/change the color of Urine. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PEE? Urine Color Chart: "The color of your urine says something about your HEALTH." Infographic from Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

30 Best Ever Diet Tips and Diet Quotes for Motivation | Dietplan-101.com

30 Best Ever Diet Tips & Quotes for Motivation - Diet Plan 101 If you absolutely love losing weight you actually will appreciate our site!