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this blog is for 21 and over I'm a 45 year-old male very happily married here you will find things I like and things that I might want to try so enjoy

What did lying to each other cost us? When you figure out the answer to this question, maybe, just maybe, you will have matured enough to stop hating me and start understanding that our children are just as important to me as they are to you. Our marriage is about our girls. Someday, you will understand that you failed me. Then and only then, will you understand just how badly I failed you and our girls to get you to grow up. The lies between us cost us everything...

Absolutely true and a poor excuse and cop out. It's more like you knew I would be pissed and you feared it so you lied by omission only to create what you feared!

I don't understand why people continue to lie about stuff when they are continuously caught lying.

The #truth is like a #lion. You don't have to #defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.

True,,, I can see fake a mile away,, even if you think you have everyone fooled? think again!