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Look at these wheels! Look at these freaking wheels!! They look so cute and perfect and elegant. Amazing! I want!! Why wouldn't you want to ride in style with these?

How Much Is Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette? Here's How The Price Breaks Down

It seems like a new eyeshadow palette comes out almost every day. There are tons of different makeup options out there, but Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette is one to watch. It's got everything you need for a full eye look. If you're wondering how mu

23 Useless Facts That You Totally Need To Know

Ridden a camel a few times! If I go back to Dubai or somewhere else with a desert, would love to do it again :)

An hour may seem like a while, but you're only at the top for about 5 minutes. The other 55 are totally worth the wait, though!

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. Why? The feeling of flying is glorious. In addition, you get to see all the beautiful sights around you and spend time with whoever you are with in it ! (:

OMFG so true<<< I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. However, if you read Maximum Ride Forever this isn't really true and you're*