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Butter Rum

LifeSavers Hard Candy Rolls - Butter Rum: 20-Piece Pack

Life Savers Butter Rum Candy Rolls: Pack - my favorite flavor

My sister Barbara's favorite

Totally remember wax lip candy and the black mustache that hooked in nostrils to keep in place . Then you would chew it for a while. I always spit out the chewed up wax instead of swallowing it. Yep those were the days

Before the strong mints from Canada that everyone loved, these were the candies in my dad's pocket. Mom liked the chocolate ones and we "fought" over the licorice ones. My favorite was the spicy lavender.

Necco wafers - I have a theory, either you are a chocolate person (I am not) or you are a CANDY person--I love Neccos! So excited for Valentines Day hearts!

butter rum lifesavers, mom used to buy these

Butter Rum Lifesavers I loved these! Wonder if that contributed to my love of rum later in life.

Parkay! The talking butter :D

Talking Parkay Tub--Was it Butter/Parkay/Butter/Parkay, etc.