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Hah! Sonic Screwdrivers work on light sabers. Let us see how it works on the force that will choke him until unconscious. unless it can turn of what he needs to breathe

Doctor who, i love how the bow tie is bright and everything else is dull. It kinda is showing how one of the crazy things about the doctor is his fashion sense XD

“Spoilers” and “Pandorica” by Catherine. I love the idea of Ten peaking ahead in River’s diary, and Eleven being stuck in an over-sized, toy box of villains is just perfect. Also, the fish swimming in...

Tardis fridge yes please :) 10 Geeky Furniture Items You Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Own

I don't understand it's just a picture of people walking...WAIT OH, no really there's nothing there.