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"That's fine. I didn't want ear scratches anyway." - Photos Courtesy of The Dodo

Billy Bob Caveman Cavity Teeth by Billy Bob. $11.99. Invented by former dental students Dr Richard Bailey now a real dentist and his college roommate Jonah White They ve make a livin givin people that beautiful Billy Bob smile Now it s time to hook yerself up Make everybody jealous at your trailer court by bringin home dem Billy Bob Teeth and Billy Bob Pacifiers One Size Fits ALL Through use of a Special Billy Bob Teeth Putty teeth are molded to your upper teeth...

First, nobody appreciates your greatness. They’re way too jealous. | 11 Struggles Of Being The Most Competitive Person On Earth

guys i badly want eunjis smile. Like im really jealous and love those smiles when girls have only their top teeth showing when they smile...I find it so elegant and beautiful

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