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Kool Thing by Sonic Youth (1990), "Kool thing walkin' like a panther, Come on and give me an answer..."

Kool-Aid Dyed Playsilk Tutorial

Kool aid dye is NOT simple. It stays on for a very long time so be aware before you do it.... Yawhhhh... Doing this in the summer!! :D

The Wesen Field Guide #Infographic for the #Grimm fan in your life! - SideReel's Grimm-fographic

Album : Goo - 1990 1. Dirty Boots 00:00 2. Tunic (Song for Karen) 05:34 3. Mary-Christ 11:52 4. Kool Thing 15:04 5. Mote 19:11 6. My Friend Goo 26:47 7. Disappearer 29:08 8. Mildred Pierce 34:16 9. Cinderella's Big Score 36:32 10. Scooter + Jinx 42:24 11. Titanium Exposé 43:34

Kool-AID slime (Borax free, edible!) Kid safe. Uses metamucil, koolaid, water, food coloring.

Hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down There's something I go to ask you. I just want to know, what are you gonna do for me? I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls From male white corporate oppression? Tell it like it is! --Kool Thing~Sonic Youth