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Nursing: Employment opportunities for nurses with a bachelor's degree are diverse and expected to grow. The demand for qualified nurses in the United States has increased dramatically over the past several years, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the same for the coming decade, estimating that more than 500,000 nursing positions will be available throughout the country.

Athletic Training: A career in athletic training is unique because it combines a well-rounded knowledge of the sports industry with an expertise in training, conditioning and medicine. As an athletic trainer, you'll interact with athletes at all skill levels--from those on the little league team to those on a professional playing field.

Chemistry: Chemistry is the science that enables you to understand the material universe -- its composition, the changes that these materials undergo and the resultant energy transformations. It also is a creative science, enabling its practitioners to form new compounds and study their properties and reactions.

Physics: If you like to figure out why things work the way they do, majoring in physics may be your starting point. Physics is the science of matter, motion and energy, and it's the most fundamental of the physical sciences. The laws of physics are basic to understanding all areas of engineering, as well as such diverse fields as astronomy, chemistry, biology and physical therapy.

Pre-Engineering: Engineering is about developing new solutions to existing or future problems. You'll employ science, math, analysis, and sythesis to design unique and practical solutions to everyday problems. You must accomplish this under the constraints of time, budgets, and safety and health issues. All the while, you must be concerned about the environment, political and social impact your answers will create.

Psychology: The goals of the psychology department at WJU are to provide a strong curriculum that will help you learn the most current and empirically sound principles of behavior; to equip you for success in a variety of graduate programs and employment settings; to offer you opportunities for experience in human service, research and other psychology-related internships; and to help you realize the many ways through which psychology can address human social/ethical concerns.

Computer Science: The computer scientist enjoys the challenge of finding the best way to bring people and computers together by working to make society's interaction with technology fast, simple and natural. At Wheeling Jesuit University, we provide you with a strong fundamental knowledge of computer science and the practical skills to adapt as technology changes.

Fine and Performing Arts: No matter what you choose to study in college in preparation for the professional world, an immersion in one or more of the arts is a natural complement to preparation for a vocation. The arts offer you new modes of communication and self-expression, as well as insight into the human person and, of course, beauty, entertainment, and pleasure.