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From @littlecockerlola: Lola has been a silly puppy and tired to eat a wasp and got stung! Shes feeling very sorry for herself and her swollen mouth #cutepetclub [source: http://ift.tt/2eShGxF ]

Lola and the Little Seed by The Adventures of Silly Goose Lola The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose are playful and educational books for kids 4+ years old. In this story, Lola learns what happens during the pollination process. Using fun illustrations, the book explains how pollination occurs. Children book produced by ArtTracer Publishing

Meet Lola! She's spoiled; how could you say no to this face? - 9GAG

My silly puppy Lola - YouTube | this is so funny but the laughing ruins it

My silly Lola Belle...agouti Siberian Husky

After spending Wednesday night vomiting and the next two days in bed I'm glad to say that Lola is feeling much better and back to her usual "let's pose in front of the bra window display" silly self!

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