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nanalew: “youngstero: “the queen matches the brim of her umbrella with her outfit it’s so inspirational ” this is the kind of fashion editorial I want to see ”

So adorable. If I ever had an Asian kid..

[54 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°64

Cortina de Baño Geek | No sabia que era imposible,,, y lo hice :-) | Scoop.it

Funny pictures about Social Shower Curtain. Oh, and cool pics about Social Shower Curtain. Also, Social Shower Curtain photos.

Tom Hanks and his daughter mocking Toddlers & Tiaras. HAHAHA This is too funny!!!! XD

Hanksgiving: Why We're Thankful for Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and his daughter mocking Toddlers & Tiaras. I'm dying! I can't stand the toddlers and tiaras crap.Tom Hanks is amazing.

With Apostles in the crib ma, when the Jews try to get at you, and if a Roman givin attitude, I’m making blind men see, turning water into wine, and I’m walkin cross the sea and I got it goin on

18 Tumblr Posts You'll Definitely Go To Hell For Laughing At

Pretty sure you just repeated what the other person said>>>Y'all need Jesus. >>> We all need Jesus>>> I bet Jesus had the moves.

"Dang Flabbit Miley, What did I tell you about drinking Loco Hot Coco before bed?"~Billy Ray on Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, my childhood dead because of who she is now :(

That's the Christmas spirit (@bustle)

That's the Christmas spirit (@bustle)

How the Media Works -- Mitt Romney

How the media works

I love her face

Oh my gosh! That girls face in the second one had my crying I was laughing so hard!

This post-Fifty Shades recommendation, which makes sense. Both filled with exclamations of “Oh, God!”

19 Unbelievably Laughable Book Fails

14 Funny Situations Only True Book Lovers Will Understand - After 50 Shades, Y'all Need Some Grammatically Correct Jesus