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Islands of Autonomy: a collection of interviews with six autonomous spaces in Indonesia & the Philippines. 2011. Link here:

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It's estimated that the Koch brothers spent $400 million to elect Romney and further their political clout. Don't support those that try to buy democracy.

We hear Gap really doesn't like being associated with Walmart. But that hasn't stopped the two corporations from working together to stop reform in the Bangladeshi garment industry. #gapheartswalmart #tumblr

♂ Black & white Quotes by Henry David Thoreau OUR LIFE IS FRITTERED AWAY BY DETAIL SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY - ecogentleman

To be filed under "How Patriarchy Hurts Men Too"- "I resent that my gender comes with the implications that it will intimidate, control, threaten and overpower simply by being present. That it is widely assumed that I cannot be raped. That my masculinity is often measured by how many women I have belittled, objectified, and demeaned. I am a male feminist and I want equality for all" [click on this image to find another clip, which illustrates the way patriarchy is often a bad deal for men…

BETRAYAL :: a critical analysis of rape culture in anarchist subcultures. 2013. Link here: #zine #rapeculture #anarchy