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Bee Sweet Nothing says Mayberry better than Aunt Bee's homemade apple pie. Mmm, Mmm! from the postcard book AUNT BEE'S MAYBERRY COOKBOOK

Confit D' Oignon - French Onion Marmalade

confit d'oignon. probably the best thing I've ever put in jars. Even though the recipe didn't say to, I pressure canned this one.

Carrot Cake Jam

Carrot Cake Jam from I found this on recipe link from Rochelle. I'm posting per request. Sounds great.

Blowing in the wind!The Head of a Dandelion-------- Come my love, remember the days when wishes were real and their granting relied on simply blowing away the seeds off the head of dandelions. ------------

Trisha Yearwood's Holiday Classics : Food Network

Trisha Yearwood's Holiday Classics : "You can never go wrong with cream cheese frosting! The pecans give it a nice flavor," Trisha says.

Mulberries are native to North America and also introduced. Their berries are extremely healthy, and other parts of the tree have medical us...

A tried and trusted recipe for easy fudge contains marshmallow creme, chopped walnuts, and a bag of chocolate chips. Use the stovetop method or see the note for a way to make it using the microwave oven.

Five Flavor Pound Cake

March 4: Pound Cake Day | Five Flavor Pound Cake: "All the different extracts may sound strange, but trust me, it is wonderful!" -Sharlene~W