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But that's exactly why he's wonderful!

But that's exactly why he's wonderful!

Anyone else imagining Harry dancing in his backyard like Troy dancing in HSM?!

He'd be talking to the trees like "how tall are you? Are you stood on a chair? I could swear you were stood on a chair!" To the rest of the trees."put your branches up in the air.stomp your roots to this beat"

I always say it and I'll keep saying it: he's a white girl stuck inside a british boy's body

I always say it and I'll keep saying it: he's a white girl stuck inside a british boy's body<< the most accurate fucking description of harry styles

Exactly ✌️>> this legit shows how anyone can be whoever they want to be in this big world. you just have to work hard at it

This went on a completely different direction then I thought it would, a better direction, one direction.

There really isn't a difference.

Love starts with an L and ends with and E but so does Liam Payne:)

That is 100% the better way that situation could have gone<<< For a sec I thought she didn't like Niall, I was so relieved when I read the rest.

I thought this was gonna be one of those 'I hate Niall' things. This is much better

Oh my gosh. Yes! Since when is it a crime to like One Direction? I feel like I'm a criminal listening to them at school, and even doing stuff like this sometimes! It's kind of sad. Why aren't we allowed to like what makes us happy? Why is it so wrong? You can like the rapper that beats up his girlfriend, but we can't like the band that sings for charities and visits hospitalized children? It doesn't make sense to me. Why do they make fun of us?

Getting hated on for anything you enjoy applies to this. would someone make someone feel bad for liking something that makes them happy? Listen to whatever you want.

#gemmaisthebetterstyles lol @Harry Styles, @Gemma Styles, you guys are the best siblings ever!! <3

What do you think about that Singh Styles ? ( good one Docherty Styles ) xx

HAHHAHA! Did you sing it as you read it? I did!!

Omg so absolutely true.somebody should get this on broadway then we can steal the boys after the show

^^^ my feelings exactly, and i'm sure a big chunk of us fans feel the same way, @Harpreet Singh Styles we love you because your you, big crazy superstar or not

i just want to talk to him. and all the other boys.>>>>> I would love to have a deep conversation with them. To become a friend, not a big crazed fan.

He probably spends it on one direction merch tbh

He probably spends it on one direction merch tbh<<< HAHAHAH, yeah but he also has recently bought a really big house in ireland so.