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Amaryllis is part of the A Team at Happy Cats! She’s a cute fuzzy little black kitten who loves to play and purr. She’s the middle one of 3 cute little black sisters, with her medium black coat that’s just a little fuzzier than Azalea’s and not quite as fuzzy as Aster’s. They are three confident little girls who love their people just as much as they love to play.

Ella came here with her sisters Billie and Bessie and her brother Louie…the Jazz Babies! They are the most loving, sweetest little band of kittens ever to hit the charts. They’re the kind of kittens who, when you come into the room, mob you with purrs and snuggles. We love to sit on laps and give you kitty kisses.

Quince ia one of the kittens from Tuxedo Alley here at Happy Cats, along with his brother and sisters. They’re a cute little bunch, who always come when their foster mom calls, “Babykins!” They love to play and wrestle but are always ready for some cuddle time too, purring their little whiskers off. He’s the most outgoing one and tend to be the boss…or at least want to be! They’ve been around lots of other cats plus dogs, so should fit right into your house too.

True to his name, Licorice is a sweet black kitten with silky medium length fur, so you get the pretty fluff with less upkeep than a regular Maine Coon. He’s one of the Candy Kittens here at Happy Cats, the biggest (and bestest, according to him!) kitten in the group. He’s definitely the party animal, the one who leads the charge with new toys and playtime. He’s just as sweet as he is playful, though, ready to slow down for people time whenever he gets a chance.

Aster is on the A Team at Happy Cats, one of 3 adorable little sisters! She’s the smokey girl, with soft gray undertones in her dark coat. She’s the fuzziest one, but we don’t yet know if she’ll have medium fur or be a shorthaired kitten like her sisters. She’s the most outgoing one, but Amaryllis and Azalea are right behind her! They love to play and pounce and when that wears them out, to just snuggle on your lap and purr.

Hello, I’m Chula! I’m a pretty little black kitten with deep smokey undertones in my coat. I came here with my siblings Mariposa and Nieve. I want a gentle introduction, but once I get to know you, I’m the sweet little kitty who just wants to hang out with you. I won’t ever be pushy like some of my sisters. But if you take the time to get to know me, I’ll be your sweet little kitten friend. You can see I love to play and pounce like any kitten.

Gwendolyn is a sweet little orange tabby kitten with medium length fur and beautiful blue-green eyes. Orange tabby girls are pretty rare and she has an even more rare classic pattern in her tabby coat, with the swirls on the sides. She was born to a nice foster family at Happy Cats, she is a playful and loving little girl once she's had a little time to adjust to new people and surroundings.

Coal is one of the Dark Star kittens at Happy Cats, a beautiful black kitten with silky medium length fur. He was born to a sweet baby mama who had him at a nice foster home. They helped raise him with his sister Ashley and brother Smudge. He’s a very friendly little fellow, always ready for a snuggle and a tummy rub. He loves to play with his siblings (especially watching over sissy Ashley), but he also does just fine with all the other kittens here, so he’d fit right in at your house too.

Concha is one of the Ranch Kittens at Happy Cats, along with her sister Lariat and her brothers Bandana and Wrangler. She’s one of the party girls of the group, ready to take on any new kitten toy you can find. She’s a purry little girl once you get to know her too. They were fostered by a nice family, so they like their people as much as they like other kitties.

Smudge is one of the Dark Stars at Happy Cats, a friendly little all black kitten with a little white on his chest and tummy. He came here with his brother Coal and sister Ashley. They were all raised by a wonderful foster family, so they’re a very outgoing bunch, used to other cats and a dog. He loves to hang out and have his tummy scritched but loves to play with all the other kittens here just as much. He’d do fine with just about anyone at your house too.