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My rendering of Thundercracker for the 2010 IDW ongoing comic

All-time favorite Transformers fan art

Do you remember the day we left Cybertron? Art Print by James Biggie

Snarl (Fall of Cybertron)

Here's a look at the robot and alternate mode of Dinobot's Snarl from the upcoming Transformers Fall of Cybertron game. Check out the concept art images of

Behold... Galvatron by Soulman-Inc.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here's my latest TFU piece. an updated version of my 2004 Rodimus Prime, redrawn for Hope you like him. Vehicle Mode taken from the original Transformers Universe Handbook, drawn by Ian Aki.

I always love seeing them work together as a team, as weird as it seems.

Optimus has the honor of being the first TFP autobot I& drawn but Megatron still steals the show.


Transformers Universe Game New Character Concept Art - Transformers News -

Catapult Concept Art

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Transformers Universe? Gain an insight into the creation process of the Autobot warriors with this awesome selection of concept images :)