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New year new start!!!!

New year new start!


wake up everyday planning to be productive and then a voice in my head says "Haha good one!" and we laugh and laugh and take a nap.

This is my Marcus.  Never a dull moment. :)

Funny pictures about Life's journey. Oh, and cool pics about Life's journey. Also, Life's journey.


12 Funny and Clever Things Said No Teacher Ever

Dont let my looks deceive you...I may not be Italian...but like I just said....don't let my looks deceive you haha

don't let my looks deceive you. i have the mouth of a sailor, the temper of an italian housewife, and the the tolerance of an irish man. LOL truth x 100

Morticia and Gomez Addams

How much Gomez loves Morticia . or The way Morticia accepts and is willing to be loved by Gomez. to be truly loved you have to believe you are worthy of receiving true love.

Lmao...kiss my ass cuz you can't compete on even the most basic level #psycho #cuntessa

SomeEcards : How to make your own e-cards in seconds AND it's hilarious !!

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Just admit it, all any woman wants in life is to do Christian Grey-ish things to the entire cast of Magic Mike.