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MNF Richelieu - Corazzata classe Richelieu - Entrata in servizio 1940 - Dislocamento 41.000 Stazza lorda 47.500 tsl Lunghezza 247,9 m Larghezza 33 m Pescaggio 9,7 m Propulsione 4 turbine a vapore a ingranaggi su 4 assi, 150.000 hp Velocità 30 nodi nodi Autonomia 2000 n.mi. a 30 nodi ( km a km/h) Equipaggio 1.550 - Armamento artiglieria: 8 cannoni da 380 mm in impianti quadrupli 9 cannoni da 152 mm in impianti tripli

Vérité was a pre-dreadnought battleship of the Liberté class built by the French Navy. She had three sister ships: Liberté, Justice, and Démocratie. Vérité was laid down in April 1903, launched in May 1907, and completed in June 1908, over a year after the revolutionary British battleship HMS Dreadnought made ships like Vérité obsolete. She was armed with a main battery of four 305 mm (12.0 in) guns, compared to the ten guns of the same caliber mounted on Dreadnought.

Provence was a battleship of the French Navy built in the 1910s, named in honor of the French region of Provence. She was a member of the Bretagne class, alongside her twosister ships, Bretagne and Lorraine. Provence was laid down in May 1912 at the Arsenal de Lorient, launched in April 1913, and commissioned into the fleet in March 1916.

Surcouf was a French submarine ordered to be built in December 1927, launched on 18 October 1929, and commissioned in May 1934. Surcouf – named after the French privateer Robert Surcouf – was

Vintage photographs of battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers.: Crew standing at attention in front of the superfi...