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Just a normal guy with his game collectibles from over the years - Still growing

Retro Gaming Tattoos – Alana – AKA @retrogaminggirls

Retro Gaming Tattoos - Its not every day you get to quiz someone who loves retro gaming so much they are willing to get a permanent Mega Man shaped reminder



the poison ivy and black widow ones... I'm gay..

Melissa Smith's Superhero Splatter Art - For a moment I thought Thor was Hawkgirl and then I had some more coffee. But Captain America is AMAZING. <--- love that comment too

What else is there to conquer

Came up with this while playing God of War It's the next logical step really. GGguys 93 God of War IV

I love street art that brings you to a standstil. Liberté Vérité Sécurité - Freedom Truth Safety  Tag on a wall - Paris 12e

Liberté Vérité Sécurité - Freedom Truth Safety Tag on a wall - Paris


Diablo 3, Videogames, Video Games

If Bowser was the one who finished World 1-4

Funny pictures about Super Bowser Bros. Oh, and cool pics about Super Bowser Bros. Also, Super Bowser Bros.