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the two main parts of the house will have two sided roofs with overhang and brackets. the two towers will have four sided roofs with overhang and brackets

turned the first section of the house upside down t work on ceilings

roof needs a low pitch for 1950's ranch houses

when this house is finished it will be one story. the boxes will be back to back and on a turn table.

building the second tower for the Victorian house. there will be a library with a balcony and an art room

walls painted, floors shellacked. next step is to finish the kitchen cupboards. they'll be made from the same blocks that the stairs in the Victorian house are made of

the new furniture for the living room came and i love it. this room is very different from a dark, drafty, and cluttered victorian parlor. by the twentieth century houses were insulated and had plumbing, electricity, forced air heat, water heaters, and air conditioning. there was no need for a fireplace in every room to heat the house. this centrally located fireplace is for the aesthetic effect.