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This sunflower represents Amber's greatest accomplishment. Her aunt told her that trouble was arising in Africa and so Amber went forward in time to see what the outcome was. When she went back to present time, she told her aunt the outcome, and came up with a solution on how to fix the eminent war, together. As a reward from the government, she was given a single sunflower because she brightened the future.

once i broke a small piece of my jaw bone off (dont fret it was pretty small and i didnt have any noticeable injuries) and didnt realize it until i touched my jaw and thought it was a pill (i was small at that time) but later realized it was a piece of bone. its still there to this day

for the lovely Gaster got out of the void, up to the surface, and back with his old "flame"... and all Grillby's hopes of the scientist having learned some manners during their time apart were quic...