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Bra start på 2017: Risnudlar, broccoli, edamamebönor, buljong (med sesamolja, fisksås, japansk sojasås, citron och socker), koriander, vårlök och sesamfrön. Åh vad jag vill äta det här igen! För att få barnen att äta detta kallar jag den Mästare Shifus nudelsoppa (mastern från Kung Fu Panda). Det funkar! Dom får dock en enklare, mildare buljong och mindre jox i. // teriyaki edamame sojabönor favs Fav nudelsoppa Fitnessnoodles Shirataki nudlar noodlesoup

Dagens lunch: gräddstuvad blomkål med dill, serverat med falukorv, så gott!! 😍 #whatsfordinner #lunch #lowcarb #lavkarbo #lchf cauliflower lågkolhydrat stuvad byolsen

Healthy 'Cheesy' Pasta bake, inspired by @thehappycleanvegan recipe. Made with Nutritional yeast for the cheesy flavour + zucchini and carrots + wholewheat pasta 🚫 No nasties here 👌🏼. #healthyfood #plantbased macandcheese ost makaroner bjäst macaroni and cheese Mac and cheese vegansk vegetarisk

RAW SALTED COOKIE DOUGH SLICE!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 In a food processor ⭐️drained and rinsed can cannellini beans ⭐️2 tbspn natural peanut butter ⭐️2 tbspn coconut oil ⭐️1/3 cup honey ⭐️2 tspn vanilla extract ⭐️1/4 tspn sea salt ⭐️1 1/2 cups rolled oats Combine til really smooth - you might have to scrape down sides a few times - Fav favs todo

for tonight's dindins: a mix of chili-roasted sweet potatoes, black beans and quinoa on a bed of greens, also topped with some avocado and drizzled in a dressing i made by combining lime vinaigrette and vegan ranch. delish!!! ☼ quinoasallad LCHQ

Sweetpotatobowl = Someone let me know how a bowl this LIT is legal... Yesterday I steamed and refrigerated two sweet potatoes to have on hand for this breakfast! All I had to do was add toppings, it was that easy 💯. MAKE THIS! 🔸Two smashed and chilled sweet potatoes mixed with cinnamon for the base (syrup or brown/coconut sugar opt.) 🔸Greek yogurt 🔸Nut butter/spread of choice 🔸ALL THE GRANOLA! // Fav favs LCHQ byolsen teamlindahls lindahlskvarg MyRecipe BuiltByMe

Throwback to this plate Rainbow Cous Cous (made from @thrivingonplants recipe), steam pumpkin and veg 👌🏼. Mmm craving some fresh veggies right now !! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind indulging in The different vegan foods in LA, it's just you get stick of the fatty or processed stuff after a bit and they just don't make me feel my best 🙄. Rissallad quinoasallad Fav couscoussallad LCHQ

Simple, healthy, yummy. #dinner #salad #food #veggies #protein #paleo #nutrition #healthy #edrecovery #edwarrior #foodisfuel LCHQ Fav favs kycklingsallad citronvatten

Frokostdate med @lineroager 👩‍❤️‍👩🍴 #fitfamdk #🐶 grillad nypotatis färskpotatis grilladlax havssalt flingsalt grillmat grillat grillade sallad colazero Fav favs lax grillsallad LCHQ todo

Madkasserne har ikke fejlet noget de sidste par dage 😍🙏🏼🌟 #fitfamdk biffsallad biff blåbär jordgubbar mandlar sallad vitkål rödkål LCHQ