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Anime recommendations, text; Anime

For all anime fans who don't know what to watch next. An anime list. I think this anime list is actually longer than mine.

Resultado de imagen para mrsuicidesheep

Adventure Club & Krewella - Rise & Fall this song hurts my heart in a good way

Music Marathon Playlist

along with their respective categories all songs uploaded will go to this playlist as well just in case you want to marathon the music on my channel ^_^

Anime - Pixiv Fantasia  Red Eyes Blonde Long Hair Cat Girl Anime Dress Wallpaper

Anime picture with original pixiv fantasia pixiv fantasia fallen kings armeechef saberiii long hair highres looking at viewer blonde hair multiple girls ponytail lying silver hair ahoge side ponytail on back indoors girl dress gloves

Nightcore - In The End

Linkin Park - In The End my fellow wolves and wolvettes