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A colourful circumhorizon arc spans the sky near Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, in


gorgeous Home of the sunflower. sunflowers Sunflower Lavender and Sunflower Fields, Provence, France

What are some of the best rare natural phenomena that occur on Earth? - Quora

Storm: Waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud.

Mammatus Clouds - appear in and around supercell, in areas where large hail is falling or has fallen. However you can see the clouds"going green"and a very large black area to the back of the photo. There is probably a funnel or actually there, but it can't be seen because it is cloaked in heavy rain. There is something, that's certain, otherwise why would all the storm-chasers, be sitting there to watch!

97 Spine Tingling Cloud Formations You Will Need to Look Twice at .


Crazy Lightning Not really a & for me, but just a really awesome picture I couldn& go without pinning.

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incredible picture of Ocean, sky and surfer on the edge of quite a tide. This isn't something you can recreate but if you are lucky you will find your slice of heaven.

What a reflection.

***GIF*** Reflection causes circular rainbow! Really beautiful reflection of the rainbow which appears to be a circle!

Angel shaped cloud over Florida photo by Jodi Guthrie

The Weather Channel Cloud angel yesterday over Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Thank you WPTV Newschannel 5 viewer in West Palm Beach Jodi G. If I ever saw something like this Angel in the sky I wouldn't stop looking ever!

Light ~ God's WISDOM never ceases to amaze us.in the beginning he created light when the earth was "formless and waste". He created the luminaries (sun, moon) for Earth, and the clouds, and the atmosphere, ozone layer to protect us.


That is amazing! Looks almost like there is a monstance on both upper and lower wings. What beautiful gifts from Heaven! Thank You Angels in Heaven and thank You God The Father!