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Batman Beyond with alternate Wonder Woman & Superman

The Trinity, based on Phil Bourassa's work on Young Justice. I don't want to mess with them !

Wonder Women (based on Phil Bourassa's work) by Majinlordx.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here comes Diana Prince ! As for Superman and Batman, I used Phil Bourassa's design for Young Justice. From left to Right : Young Justice Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Star Sapphire WW, Justice Lords.

HA. Futurama reference..

thought about whether to post this or not. as due to the whole buzz of gal gadot being cast as wonderwoman i knew many would misunderstand the intention of the joke XD personally. couldn't care le.

BATMAN: GOTHAM CRUSADERS – This Cartoon Should Be Real | Nerdist

BATMAN: GOTHAM CRUSADERS – This Cartoon Should Be Real

Justice Incarnate-Earth-23: Current Members Aquawoman (Earth 11), Batman (Earth 17), Green Lantern (Earth 20), Red Racer (Earth 36), Captain Carrot (Earth 26), Machinehead (Earth 8), Mary Batson (Earth 5), Superman (Earth 23), Thunderer (Earth 7)

Superman- Val Zod Powergirl- Kara ZorEl Kent Batman- Dick Grayson Huntress- Helena Wayne The Flash- Jay Garrick Red Arrow- Oliver Queen Green Lantern- A. The Society (Bourassa Art Style)