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Freedom to Bear Arms If you look back in history, governments that take away guns from their people, begin to kill their people. The more The government starts to take away the rights established in our constitution the quicker America will fall apart.

What the hell happened to this?

Gun safety instruction in Indiana schools, your kids gun safety. Knowledge and safety is key.

I think lesson apply to life

I was taught "When in doubt, empty your mag, reload and scan for more targets." We only had a pig for a belt fed do it was basically 28 rounds of attitude adjustment available.

i can't believe I'm living in a world where no one believes in evil... But there Is evil and Christians are to "put on the full armor of God"..Ephesians 6:10-17

God gave his archangels weapons because even the almighty knew you don't fight evil with tolerance and understanding.

Protect the Second Amendment!

“Do you remember when the Colonists stood in line to register their muskets?


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This was the look my papaw gave JL the first time they met. It pretty much said all of this, with no words. It was scary. I had to make him stop, he said he didn't realize he was doing it. :|

my dad. Hopefully my husband will be the same way if we have a daughter

Mr. Rogers rocks!

I read "Wrong Neighborhood" in Mr. Roger's voice before realizing who it was.

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