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Adorable Cat with Blue Bow Mainzer Postcard. $5.00, via Etsy.

vintage cat postcard Mainzer lovely grey tabby w bow Babbington

This is so true.  They are always there for us and we should always be there for them.

Cats ♥ This is so true. Unless there are other cats involved and then the claws come out. They like to make sure no other kitty is aloud"their humans" affection.

your heart is safe with me - i can see in the dark.

…I figured I would do another Valentines Day card post this year. With the focus solely on Odd, Vintage Cat Valentines Day Cards.


Hosico the Cat Is Pretty Much the Real-Life Puss in Boots

BF (Or, did someone pack him a warm lunch?)

* * " Yer kiddin, rights? Since whens did me becomes de bird's caretaker?

vintage illustration...

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When it is cold in your room, you turn on the heater, and the heater begins to send out waves of hot air. The cold air doesn’t have to leave the room for the room to become warm. The cold air is embraced by the hot air and becomes warm—there’s no fighting at all between them. We practice taking care of our anger in the same way. Mindfulness recognizes anger, is aware of its presence, accepts and allows it to be there. -Thich Nhat Hanh via Lion's Roar

Loosening the Knots of Anger Through Mindfulness Practice

Black and white photograph of a cat smelling a dandelion puff