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Magdalene la Bâtarde Mysteries

A missing house, unlikely bedfellows, and an Australian backdrop lead to mayhem. #ebook

Can a dog find the perfect mate for his mistress? See how it works out in Man’s Best Friend.

Is 25 too young to find the love of your life? See if Abby Summers can make that dream come true in More Than This.

Will acting as a wife for the debonair Bennett Ganster help Cyndi turn the fantasy into a reality?

Will Sylvie Smith be able to see past a powerful physical attraction and find love with Max McConnell?

Can Gail Fleming get to the bottom of a famous Czech writer’s disappearance?

Eve Masters finds herself in the middle of another mystery in the follow up to Dangerous Affair.

Can a pastor and a high-powered executive find love again? Will it be enough to start over?