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Fresh cucumbers and French green clay combine in this skin-soothing cold process soap recipe. (It's palm free too!)

Tips For Organizing Your Soap Making and Formulation Workshop

How to Make Handmade Peppermint Hot Process Soap -- I absolutely LOVE Peppermint! I love the smell of peppermint! I love the color! I love the way peppermint wakes me up! I love the way peppermint makes my skin tingle! Therefore, I love making my own Peppermint Essential Oil Hot Process Soap! This was supposed to be an article for holiday...

6 DIY Skin Care Recipes | A round-up of the body care products I’ve made over the last few months, since DIY skin care is my favorite kind of DIY! I’m not sure what it is, but I find there is something very satisfying about all-natural, homemade skin care. Who doesn’t like getting Lush-like products for a fraction of the cost?? Here are six quick and easy skin care ideas that you can make at home:

Love Your Body Sugar Scrub

Love your body sugar scrub recipe for Valentine's Day

How to Make Your Own Homemade Soap

How cute are these soaps? I just want to eat them... or not use them but just look at how pretty they are all day!!! So this will be one of my next projects......! <3

My gift to you , some lovely scented soaps. November 25t

Art in the Park 2013

Soap Display Stand. Neat idea! For supplies to make homemade soap, visit:

Natural Soap Colorants - 44 Ways to Color Your Homemade Soap Naturally

44 natural soap colorants revealing the many different ways to color your homemade soap naturally, along with ideas for exfoliation, antioxidants, and more!