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Music is lyfe

Music is lyfe

Is marching band a sport?

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

.... As explained by a string player. They are so off

The oboe is one of my favorite instruments and I'm an opera singer and classical violinist.

Marching Band 1. A group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can march in step, following a drill chart, while either playing music or spinning a flag/rifle/sabre 2. People playing music in the stands at a football games or dancing to it 3. The hardest workers in the world

Marching Band A group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can…

Marching band either makes me super happy, or ridiculously angry and frustrated. There is no in between. And you're felt both at the same time.

Marching Band Problems>>> Yesterday was pre-band camp with the freshmen, I am attest to this XD

My band director would cut the sleeves off his shirts and put then on his head to absorb the sweat from his head