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Wonder Woman anyone familiar with my art knows I like drawing women, and I like drawing superheroes. it would seem obvious that I would constantly combine my two loves and draw the quintessential.

Every woman is an amazon(including the women who weren't born women), no matter their body type. Wonder Woman said so herself.

Every Woman is a Wonder Woman

cool-comic-geek-woman-fat-costume: Paige Hall speaks for any woman who's ever been made to feel bad for not living up to an impossible ideal of beauty, or for not being interested in the "right" things. So moving.


Hulk by Deryl Braun. The Hulk is a symbol for both the narcissistic desire for unlimited physical strength in the male ego and the fear males have that their anger and physical strength will make them act in monstrous ways that feel uncontrollable .

Tim Burton's take on Batman characters

Tim Burton style Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quin. Go Tim Burton! Yes he is so awesome