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最新時間爲 2014 年 1 月,Intel Galileo 開發板因程序問題而被迫延後發售 - http://chinese.vr-zone.com/93358/intel-galileo-delay-sales-confirm-by-intel-japan-press-released-12060213/

Intel launches Arduino-compatible open-source Galileo board to rival Raspberry Pi (Wired UK)

全民公投!選出你心目中的 AORUS VIP 限量獎品送給你 - http://chinese.vr-zone.com/129572/aorus-vip-press-released-09302014/

全民公投!選出你心目中的 AORUS VIP 限量獎品送給你 - http://chinese.vr-zone.com/129572/aorus-vip-press-released-09302014/

MSI X99S SLI Plus Motherboard Revealed | Computer Hardware Reviews - ThinkComputers.org

MSI revealed its first ever all black motherboard for the upcoming Haswell-E chipset, the SLI Plus which will be released next month.

Citrix Online

How To Install and Configure Citrix Provisioning Server PVS XenApp XenDesktop

#OpenStack-The Future of #CloudComputing #infrastructure as a service (IaaS) #Technology #IT  http://snip.ly/91s10

Suraj Kumar, founder of DoubleRock, will speak on Venture Capital at CloudCon on May Do not miss the opportunity to grab the insights on OpenStack cloud ventures and a lot more.

沒有太大驚喜,多彩塑膠版的 Apple iPhone 5C 拆解完成

Some suggested pre-launch that the c in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone stands for cheap. But just how cheap is the device?

回首 Mac 來時路,Macintosh 128K 拆解紀念品牌 30 年歲月 - http://chinese.vr-zone.com/99347/macintosh-128k-tear-down-by-ifixit-to-memories-mac-30-anniversary-01252014/

Teardown del primo Macintosh: ecco com'era 30 anni fa un personal computer

SNK Playmore 終止 TOMMO 合作關係,NEOGEO X Gold 即日停賣成絕響

Buy the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition retro gaming console now. Includes 20 built-in NeoGeo AES games and more!

What are the System Requirements to Install Microsoft Office 2013

Office 365 runs all the latest versions of office software, which is 2016 right now. Let's see if your systems can run Office 365 and 2016 Office apps.

Apple 推出新款 iMac,搭載 Intel Haswell 處理器與 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Every so often, like most post-production people, I go through a reorganization phase. I start to pick apart what I do and do not need in my studio and consolidate the system, update key parts (las.