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E-famous pooch Winston is the ONLY known white Pembroke Welsh Corgi to date! The cause of his unusual color is unknown.

The four stages of the corgi yawn. From The Daily Corgi.

The dog will be calm in regards to the home, normally, for as long as they've been exercised. This may be confusing initially, but when the dog barks, quickly reward them with the treat

The disapproving Corgi look

The disapproving Corgi look

nothing cuter than corgi pups

nothing cuter than corgi pups

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/4c/d3/dc/4cd3dcce7ca35291172b9bb048dc0a6d.jpg #corgipictures

Corgi Puppies My granddaughter's choice. I can't wait to puppy sit.

Winston the White Corgi @winstonthewhitecorgi Instagram photos | Websta

Instagram Post by Winston the White Corgi (@winstonthewhitecorgi)

Roses are red Violets are blue Today's the one day of the year I'll cuddle you. Taken by winstonthewhitecorgi on Saturday February 2015

Both little Corgi, both :)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Alert and Affectionate

Mr Speebunkles the German corgi

Mr Speebunkles the German corgi