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Sir Chihuahua-a-lot - Knight and Horse Costume

Knight on shining chihuahua. It's like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. With a Chihuahua.

These top 10 cutest dog costumes for small dogs are perfect for Halloween or just showing off your pooche's fabulous style!

Top 10 Cutest Dog Costumes for Small Dogs

Top 10 Cutest Dog Costumes for Small Dogs If you’re looking for the cutest costumes for small dogs, you’ll love these! Doggy clothing has been a fashion statement since before King Arthur.

The mariachi band.

Entries in pet photo contests usually hit all the important tropes: big tough-looking dogs in adorable outfits; pets dressed as other kinds of animals; kitties as classic movie characters, and recent memes

Native American chihuahua

Pocahontas pet costume on a chihuahua. A picture of a funny dog outfit on a cute and tiny canine in this humorous domestic animal photo and comedy pic.

Madonna is perfect for a Chihuahua! Right? #Halloween #dogs #madonna

OMG a Madonna chihuahua.Im dying laughing! Walters Walters Walters Butler, can you please dress Squirt up in this for Halloween?

Haha awww

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