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North Americans are often quick to condemn the brutality of other cultures and countries, inserting ourselves, sometimes using violent force, to establish what we consider peace keeping and a "good life".

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That goes for snakes, bats, ground hogs and just about every other animal is existence.

(97) Lobo Ibérico

Photo from Gregory Koch Red wolves are one of the rarest mammals in North America. They are a mere 100 strong in their native habitat of North Carolina’s Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. But with the help of the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC)

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Kwadacha Wilderness Provincial Park, Northern British Columbia provides habitat for wolves

Gray Wolf- hard to imagine them once often roaming around CT!

Save B.C. Wolves ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! - Care2 News Network

Wolves are highly social and intelligent animals and research shows that predator kill programs increase reproductive rates in wolves and destabilizes pack structure causing more predation of livestock and other non-native prey.

BRAVO!!!!!!! WILDEARTH GUARDIANS ROCK!!!!!!!  Wildlife Program Director Bethany Cotton's UPDATE: "Guardians and our partners, represented by our friends at the Western Environmental Law Center, challenged Wildlife Services’ plans to kill wolves pointing out that it ignored science about the importance of wolves to healthy, thriving ecosystems. The judge ordered activities authorized by the plan to CEASE IMMEDIATELY and the program to conduct a new full-blown analysis of environmental…

Wolves in Washington state are under threat from the so-called "Wildlife Services".

Grizzer Intelligence Personified in Ely, Minnesota by Gerry Sibell

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